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Padeshah e Khooban -1- Pillow

Padeshah e Khooban -1- Pillow

Padeshah e Khooban -1- Pillow

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غزلی از حافظ
ای پادشه خوبان داد از غم تنهایی
دل بی تو به جان آمد وقت است که بازآیی

Add a personal touch to your space with amazing broadcloth pillows. These pillows are super soft and durable which means they are a fully functional piece of art that are meant to be used.

• Zip Cover

• Durable Polyester Broadcloth Fabric That is Soft To The Touch

• Dye-Sublimated Print Using Non-Solvent Water-Based Inks with No VOCs

• Spot Treatment with Damp Cloth; Tumble Dry

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