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Persian Art or Iranian art is known to be extremely rich and fascinating in the world cultural heritage, and can be found in several media including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and sculpture.

The use of color, decoration, pattern and design are highly distinct and exceptional in Persian art. Complex geometric designs and patterns create the impression of unending repetition, stimulating a sense of infinity.

At ORIAVI, we have a passion for Persian Art, and we seek to create fashion and lifestyle products that reflect the beauty of Persian art so that you will enjoy an atmosphere of paradise in your everyday life. By creating these products, we hope that you will be reminded the magic of Persian Art, each and every day.

ORIAVI was founded by a persian couple in Germany, with the vision of bringing modern and unique art products to the marketplace, while making them affordable to a wide range of people.

We design our products with LOVE and made them in 5 continentals (our production facilities are in USA, Canada, Europa, Australia, Asia and Africa) to bring something different and give you a great experience with the service they offer.

Here at ORIAVI, we value high quality and exceptional customer service.

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